Hi, I am Adam, industry expert developer

Hi, I am Adam, an industry expert

About Me

  • A published author, digital craftsman and seasoned public speaker. Always looking to the next wave of innovation to support customers in their daily living. Passionate about technology making a positive difference to humanity.
  • I am originally from Manchester I now live in the Midlands and enjoys blogging, teaching my kids to code, swimming and being inspired by TED talks.
  • My blogs can be found at swiftlyagile and hungryhindu.

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15 years’ experience in senior positions in banking, defence and telecoms.

Specialism in customer facing mobile application and APIs platforms.

Experienced in Digital and contactless payments.

Proficient in delivering APIs platforms.

My recent work

Here is a portfolio of my favourite projects.

Recent portfolio of projects include Apple Pay and bPay.


I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge though public speaking here is a selection of my media appearance.

Recent portfolio of projects include Apple Pay and bPay.

Latest tweets

Here is a selection of my best projects for worldwide clients

Contact me

I am a habitual learner and enjoy sharing and gaining knowledge from all. I am open to mentoring, public speaking and networking events.

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